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It is more popular than Google’s Chrome in some of Asia’s fastest-growing markets like India and Indonesia, Download New UC Browser Full Setup.

UC Browser launched in April 2004 as a J2ME-only application, it is available on a number of platforms including Android, BlackBerry OS, iOS, Java ME, Symbian, Windows Phone and Windows PC.


The browser uses cloud acceleration and data compression technology. This process helps to load web content faster. The browser can adapt to some network environments and support multi-file format downloading. In addition, UC Browser has HTML5 web app and cloud syncing features. It also has a feature called “fast download”, which downloads a file in multiple parts simultaneously.

UC Browser[14] is available on several smartphones and feature phone platforms, but the Android mobile operating system represents the largest user base for the company, with 300 million of its 500 million users total.


Research has found that UC Browser is insecure, with many vulnerabilities and privacy issues.
According to Qualys SSL Lab test and High-Tech Bridge’s SSL/TLS Security Report,[25] Logjam, FREAK, and POODLE vulnerabilities are found in UC Browser. UC Browser uses outdated RC4 cipher cryptography with deprecated SSL 3 or even SSL 2 protocol which has many security flaws.

In March 2019 Dr Web researchers publicly disclosed that UC Browser and UC Browser Mini for Android was downloading and installing extra modules from the company’s own servers via an unprotected HTTP channel.

This exposed browser users to arbitrary remote code execution if an attacker was able to perform a man-in-the-middle attack to deliver malicious module (but no cases of exploitation were publicly disclosed). Furthermore, this violates Google Play policies that forbid Google Play apps from downloading any executable code from any sources outside of Google Play.

UC Browser claimed to have reached 500 million users in March 2014, a rise attributed to its large user base in China, India and Indonesia.

In October 2012, UC Browser top opera in Google Play’s free Android app download category for the first time. UC Browser had more than 100 million monthly active users in 2016. Source:- Wikipedia


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